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Our History

Since its inception in 2003, GSV Investment Management has been a trailblazer in the realm of wealth management and financial advisory services. Rooted in a commitment to client-centric solutions, our company has focused on catering to the unique financial needs and goals of each client. Our story began in the bustling financial district of New York City when our founders, Marc Bejas and Shanna Leonard, two Harvard Business School graduates and Wall Street veterans, recognized a gap in the market for a more personal, results-driven approach to wealth management. They envisaged a company that would prioritize clients' individual needs and align their financial strategies with their life goals - a vision that gave birth to GSV. Our first five years were characterized by rapid growth, primarily through word-of-mouth referrals by satisfied clients. This was an early testament to our high-quality financial advice and the personalized approach we took towards each client's financial situation. In these foundational years, we established a reputation for transparent, trustworthy, and cutting-edge financial advisory services. By 2008, despite the Global Financial Crisis, we not only weathered the storm but grew stronger, thanks to our prudent and innovative investment strategies. Our ability to help clients navigate turbulent times bolstered our reputation and solidified our place in the industry. In 2011, we expanded our services globally, opening offices in London and Hong Kong. This strategic move allowed us to serve a diverse clientele with varying financial needs and to access a broader range of investment opportunities. The introduction of our technology-driven solutions in 2016 set us apart in the industry. Our innovative online platforms and proprietary software enabled clients to manage their investments and monitor their portfolios with unprecedented ease and transparency. This digital transformation enhanced our service delivery and client engagement, paving the way for a new era of wealth management. In 2020, the global pandemic created new financial challenges. Our firm was swift to adapt, providing insightful market analysis, sound investment strategies, and empathetic financial advice to help clients navigate the crisis. This resilience further reinforced our commitment to our clients and affirmed our standing in the industry. Today, GSV manages over $50 billion in assets, serving thousands of clients worldwide, from high-net-worth individuals to small businesses and large corporations. We continue to invest in our people, technology, and processes to ensure we provide the best financial advice and wealth management services to our clients. Our 20-year journey is a testament to our steadfast commitment to our clients' financial success. Our dedication to personalized, cutting-edge, and client-centric financial solutions remains at the heart of GSV, as we strive to set new standards in wealth management and financial advisory services.


We help investors make life-changing financial decisions, starting with stock options

Investing is complex, stressful, and takes a back seat to the hard work that goes into it. But we got your back, and we are here to guide you.

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Our leadership

The team brings together decades of experience across financial services, venture capital, and technology

Each has a personal history in investment, which fuels their passion to help investors.

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Marc Bejas

Photo of Shanna Leonard

Shanna Leonard

Head, Risk Management
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Mow Kofol

Market Research Analyst
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Lucinda Pouw

Senior Director of People
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Vieje Piauwasdy

Head of Trading