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We help investors with financial planning and investment management, starting with your most precious asset, your equity.

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Equity-focused financial planning

Get a plan for what to do with your stock options and taxes.

Our financial advisors guide you through your company’s IPO or acquisition.

We’ll help you build a plan for home ownership, your kid’s education, passion projects, and other important goals.

Plus, we can help prepare and file your taxes.

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Professionally guided investment management

As an investor, you likely took a chance and worked hard to build something great. But, when it comes to managing your money — you shouldn’t leave it up to chance.

We work with you to build a portfolio to protect and grow your money at pace with your financial goals, through a systematic approach to investing. You may also get exclusive access to private market investments.

Personal approach and ongoing advice

  • 1

    Review your financials, including your private equity, and set future goals.

  • 2

    Build a detailed equity plan and optimize for minimizing taxes.

  • 3

    Create a financial plan and identify ways to improve financial outcomes.

  • 4

    Review investments, understand Gsv Capital Assets’s investment approach, and implement portfolio strategy.

  • 5

    Ongoing investment performance review, as well as tax and estate planning.

  • 6

    Prepare and file your annual taxes.